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A large variety of honey, jam, mostarda di frutta preserve and fruit nectar, rigorously free from preservatives and artificial pectins, made using produce grown directly on the farm.

Since 1947, breeding poultry and producing and processing top-quality meat, mainly from local breeds such as: Livornese Cockerel, Grangallo, Capon, traditional Guinea Fowl, Voliera Guinea Fowl. The birds are fed with a natural diet of OGM-free corn and soya.

After relaunching a typical wine of the Biella Pre-Alps, Bramaterra DOC, together with Coste della Sesia DOC, in the last few years, production has expanded to include Vespolina DOC, Grappa di Bramaterra and other table wines typical of these vineyards.

Fed by springs whose waters descend straight from the highest peaks of the Piemonte region, the company breeds its fish – mainly Rainbow and Brown Trout – in tanks filled with crystal-clear running water, according to the healthiest, most natural criteria.

Located in Castelnuovo Scrivia (AL), the Cooperative supplies a variety of fresh, seasonal local produce. You’ll find “Fresche Terre” produce in the fruit and vegetable section of Allafonte: guaranteed to be safe, fresh and tasty.

The distinctive characteristics of the Alta Langa area give these potatoes – yellow, white and purple – a marvellous consistency and aroma and an inimitable flavour, further enhanced by the natural, age-old growing techniques.

Located in the hilly area where Ghemme DOCG is produced, which includes part of the Ghemme area and part of the Romagnano Sesia area, the Colline Novaresi DOC wines are also produced, in a zone with a unique microclimate.

Established as a small family business over 70 years ago, the company raises free-range poultry (chickens, guinea fowl, ducks and capons), using rustic breeds and guaranteeing the utmost respect for the birds and the local country farming tradition.

The purpose of the Corilanga Cooperativa Corilanga, in the province of Cuneo, is to promote the Piemonte IGP Hazelnut, offering customers top-of-the-range products that include hazelnut spread, toasted hazelnuts, hazelnut paste, hazelnut meal, patisserie products and much more.

Prato Sesia (NO)
Via Valsesia, 10
28077 Prato Sesia (NO)
Phone 0163 851210

Verbania Fondotoce (VB)
Via 42 Martiri 153
Verbania Fondotoce (VB)
Phone 0323 496003


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